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Integrating Sustainability
Integrating sustainability into the core business requires a company to manage stakeholder value with the same discipline it applies in managing other aspects of business performance.
Clients who work with us in integration projects are able to identify the areas where sustainability efforts make business sense, to focus their investments, mobilize the organization and deliver compelling results that build credibility and momentum for additional sustainability efforts. They are able to create competitive advantage that lasts.
Our approach is focused on integrating sustainability into the organization not as a separate initiative but as a way of delivering ongoing business value. Working to defined objectives and clear deliverables, our clients take a disciplined strategic and financial approach to align their senior leaders, line managers and sustainability champions on delivering bottom line results.
Integrating sustainability into business strategy requires three phases:
Diagnosis:  Understand where and how the company is creating or destroying value for stakeholders. Anticipate future stakeholder expectations and identify key emerging issues. Assess the business risks and opportunities associated with the company’s current and future stakeholder impacts.
Value creation: Align and build organizational commitment around specific actions that create stakeholder value (or reduce stakeholder value destruction) while increasing shareholder value. Form strategic partnerships with key stakeholders, build a compelling business case for action and obtain the needed resources.
Value capture:  Determine the requirements for execution, including stakeholder alignment. Carry out the activities to implement the actions. Measure progress on shareholder value and stakeholder value, validate results, and capture learning.


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